Volume 4, Issue 7, May 1996


One of the miracles of life is when people are able to share with one another. Material possessions have great significance in our world. There are so many things we feel we have to have.

Too often we donate money to help unfortunate people, or we send others to help them, or we content ourselves merely by remembering them in our prayers, but humankind are all part of a community, and it is reckless for us to ignore the needs of those around us.

In a recent sermon in Guelph, Jean Vanier, well known for his work with handicapped persons, questioned "why can't we share? Why can't we pool our resources?" Vanier has established homes for handicapped people and has devoted his life to counselling and caring for these needy persons.

Vanier said he had "discovered an invitation from Jesus. When you give a meal, invite the poor, the lame, the disabled and the blind, and you shall be blessed. You have to become their family....it is the benediction of living and it is a great privilege."

At the Sacred Assembly held last December in Ottawa and Hull, when 2000 aboriginal and non-native spiritual and church leaders and lay members met at the recommendation of Elijah Harper and the call of the Federal Government, the Honourable Ronald Irwin, Minister of Indian Affairs, pleaded for a new and better deal for Native Peoples. He said, "I need partners. I need allies. I need people walking side by side. I need them. I'm tired of this quiet revolution. I don't want non-Native Canadians to be quiet. If they see injustice, come out and say this is an injustice. Don't sit back and wait for others to do the job."

When Jesus and his disciples took part in the feeding of a large group of people (the feeding of the five thousand) as recorded in the gospels, the selfish hearts of the crowd were miraculously touched by what Jesus had taught them and they all shared with one another.

None of us can be a citizen of the community, or the realm of God, by themself, but in harmony and unity with ones neighbours.

Opportunities to be generous of spirit and of our means are always present.

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